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  • Garden watering
  • Farmland irrigation and drainage
  • Underground water lifting
  • Industrial and mining water supply
  • Plastic industry
  • Material manufacturing
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Food processing
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Vacuum unit product service for soft foundation vacuum preloading treatment industry for over 20 years
Jiangsu Yuanzhirui Electric Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Yuanzhirui Electric Pump Co.,Ltd. is jointly established byLianyungang Ruibao Motor Co.,Ltd. and Lianyungang Liyuan Pump Co.,LTD.The company's existing plant area of 11,000 square meters, two pro-duction plants.The company has more than 100 employees. We produce20,000 sets of YE3 and YE4 high efficiency and energy saving motors everyyear,and more than 2,000 sets of vacuum pumps and units. We serve softfoundation construction area of 10 million square meters. ......

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Jiangsu Yuanzhirui Electric Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Lianyungang Ruibao Electric Motor Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Liyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. The company focuses on producing vacuum preloading equipment, vacuum preloading submersible pumps......

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